about tommy merritt

A native of Kilgore, Texas, Tommy Merritt is a lifelong farmer and rancher. He had his first 30 head of cattle when he was still a teenager and throughout a lifetime of working in the fields, has learned to respect the livestock and respect the land. He's running for Agriculture Commission to fight for Texas farmers and ranchers every day – not to use the agency as a springboard to higher office.

Tommy has supported economic growth, jobs and opportunity throughout his life – for 14 years as a State Representative, 6 years on the Sabine River Authority, and as a dedicated member of the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, the Texas Farm Bureau and other organizations across the state.

Tommy Merritt has more farm and ranch experience than anyone running for Agriculture Commissioner. And he's spent his entire life fighting for our shared conservative values - the values that make Texas the greatest place on earth and values that are often attacked by those who don't know better. Tommy is proud to answer the call from fellow farmers and ranchers across to Texas to serve as Agriculture Commissioner and ensure the best days for Texas farmers and ranchers – and for all Texans – are yet to come.

Tommy attended Kilgore College and graduated with a BBA from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. In addition to being a working farmer and rancher, Merritt created hundreds of jobs as a small business owner.

Tommy and his wife Janet are the proud parents of 3 children and have 1 grandchild. They live in Kilgore.